Sourcing And Logistics Tool

Our software enables us to directly connect with smallholder farmers, make purchases, offer loans intelligently and provide logistics services using USSD, ensuring sustainability and profitability for all stakeholders.

A Growing Community Of Supply-Ready Farmers

Smallholder farmers are connected to our sourcing and logistics tool, ensuring consistent, large-scale supply of farm produce to the market.

Proprietary Data On Crop Availability

We aggregate holistic data on all farms in our portfolio, so we’re always in the know of farmers ready to supply. We receive constant supply requests from our farmers via USSD. For food production companies, this saves time on manual sourcing processes.

Providing resources to farmers to boost supply

We are directly involved in helping farmers be in the best shape to produce quality farm produce. We provide farmers with training on land preparation, spacing, and planting, as well as support in sustainable land management to improve their resilience to climate change.

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