Join Us To Reshape Food Processing In Africa

It’s our life’s mission at Releaf to rethink agriculture across the African continent and create a world of shared prosperity for everyone involved. We’re super confident this is possible in our lifetime but we also know we can’t do it alone. We absolutely need you if you believe what we believe about the future of food processing.
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Values That Drive Our Work

Clear communication

We say it just how it is with utmost clarity, kindness, and respect for our colleagues.


Honesty that is unwavering, even when it’s inconvenient.


We believe understanding is a two-way street and no better way to achieve it than be as open as possible.

Contribute freely

At Releaf, your ideas have a platform for consideration and deliberation. We are building an organisation where everyone is taken seriously for their contributions and expertise.


We’re bold in our decisions and we’re even bolder in taking responsibility for the results.

“I wake up energized every morning knowing we’re all in it to help build a great product and company. Our leadership puts a strong emphasis on culture and proactively recognizes and rewards hard work.

Chukwuemeka Amadi
Associate Manager (New Crops)

“Working at Releaf is both exciting and empowering because of the clear commitment to community empowerment and prosperity which aligns with my personal goals. You feel you're part of an important mission to create a prosperous Africa. It's deeply fulfilling”

Idorenyin Okuku
Client Engagement Supervisor

“Joining Releaf when I did has proven a rewarding experience. The company's dedication to our growth and well-being is remarkable. We work hard, play hard and never forget to celebrate the wins”

Jennifer Imeh
Assistant Manager, R&D

“I love the transparency at Releaf. Leaders are excited about our opportunities and upfront about the challenges we face. Their level of honesty gives me faith that, even when times are tough, they’ll continue to lead with integrity.”

Ayodeji Olatunde
Procurement Officer

Be A Part Of Africa’s Next Gen Food Processing Industry

Come talk to us about your next big move. We can’t wait to do some amazing things together.
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