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What does Releaf do?
Releaf is a supply chain technology company that helps Fast Moving Consumer Goods Companies (FMCGs) in Africa get high quality inputs cheaper by localising food processing technology in farming clusters to increase quality, reduce logistic costs, and create more value for farmers, primary processors & FMCGs. We have started in the oil palm value chain but plan to expand to other crops.
How can I become a Releaf farmer?
Releaf does not own farms but we partner with farmers to offtake their crops for processing. Dial *347*80# to provide information on the volume of nuts available for sale.
How can I sell nuts to Releaf?
Dial our USSD code to provide updates on your inventory, price and volume available for sale.
How does Releaf process palm nuts?
Releaf uses Kraken, its proprietary de-shelling machine, which eliminates the drudgery of de-shelling, currently done by smallholder farmers using hand-held rocks to crack nuts. Kraken provides more extraction efficiency, with 27-30% more extraction yield of higher quality oil. WIth Kraken, Releaf produces premium oil palm products with 95% purity, higher than the 88% industry standard.
How does Releaf impact farmers?
Our work directly results in a more robust food system, allowing smallholder farmers to reap more value from their crops, reduces inefficiencies in the supply chain, and results in lower prices for consumers.

Releaf finances and sources from the farmers, who are connected to Releaf’s SALT SMS application. The application allows these farmers to provide updates about their palm nut inventory through SALT, and to confirm the price and volume of palm nuts available for sale. 

Through SALT, Releaf also provides the smallholders with training on land preparation, spacing, and planting, as well as support in sustainable land management to improve their resilience to climate change.
Will Releaf Expand to other crops?
We currently work in the Oil Palm and Cassava Value chain, however, we plan to expand to other crops.
How can I access Capital?
You need to be an active farmer in Nigeria's oil palm sector for now. If you have other requests, please contact

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