Geospatial Mapping

Use our geospatial mapping tool to gain unparalleled insights into the most profitable locations for your next factory anywhere in Africa.

Take Out The Guesswork

Learn everything there is to know about a location before making a decision to position your factory

The System Takes Into Account Key Location Data Such As

Crop Density
Road Networks
Regional Weather Patterns
Soil Data
Crop Species

Filter Information Based On Specific Requirements, Including

Crop type
Annual crop yield (using soil, weather, and historical yield data)
Location (country, region, state, LGA)
Drive time from crop hotspots
Drive time from off-takers

Optimize For Profitability At The Lowest Cost Possible

Site’s features ensure that any chosen location is the best fit for reducing setup costs and logistics expenses, and proximity to supply.

Build Closer To Supply Sources

Easily find the distance between your processing facility and supply locations within a coverage area. This is vital, because ~90% of food processing costs are driven by location of a factory realice to its goods sold is determined by costs associated with the land. With Site’s intuitive user experience, you can also understand the capacity requirement of suppliers over a set area, as well as the value chain activity of partners and competitors.

Source Sustainably

With Site, you get visibility into protected areas to ensure you’re not sourcing your produce from lands that are protected by the government. Site provides sourcing locations that are sustainable and help protect the planet.

Get A Peek Into Profitability

Site aggregates industry benchmarks on processing costs and commodity prices into a proprietary algorithm that predicts potential profits at any location.

Outprice The Competition

Site enables you to become more competitive with the pricing of raw materials because less cost is involved in transporting them.

Process Efficiently With Right Equipment

Avoid losses and get insight into the right size of processing equipment you need for your factory. With Site’s intelligent analysis tool, you can gain access to an easy payback schedule for Kraken, West Africa’s most advanced palm nut de-sheller.
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Insights From Robust Data Sources

Site is powered by huge datasets gathered from partners in different categories and enabled by a robust ArcGIS platform.


We collaborated with Eva on the geospatial analysis of the oil palm cluster in southern Nigeria, which is the first layer of reference in determining the supply locations.


Enhanced GIS analysis of the oil palm cluster to validate locations and other yield determinants such as the age of the oil palm clusters.

Research partners

We’re collecting real-time data using our scout network to map value chain activities, marketplaces, mills, plantations, and processing facilities. Our sourcing team also provides market intelligence, trends, and projections on supply volume availability, price, and other variable costs.

On-the-ground scout network

We’ve sourced data from NGOs, research institutes, and technical partners like IITA, PIND, and RMI for details on farming clusters across the oil palm locations as well as infrastructure data points like mini-grid locations across the country.

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