Use our geospatial mapping tool to gain unparalleled insights into the most profitable locations for your next factory anywhere in Africa.

Factories Overspend On Logistics Because They Are Positioned Wrongly.

Take out the guesswork from your next factory location. Reduce crippling logistics cost and improve profitability by placing your factory in the best place possible using our intelligent tool.
Factory owners, especially first time owners, often budget improperly and over-spend on processing machines and under-spend on supporting machinery (payloaders, trucks, conveyors), talent (audit, finance, procurement) and working capital. The result is a factory that has far more capacity than supplies received, which is a waste of that capital.

See the big picture

Learn everything there is to know about a location before making the decision to situate your factory or plant a crop type.

Crop Density

Soil Data


Road Networks

Regional Weather Patterns

Get full support,

Not only do we identify the best location to situate your factory, our Factory-in-a-Box system provides you with everything you need to operate in your new location, from real-time supply chain data to logistics operations.
Releaf helps factory owners decide how much processing capacity to start with and designs modular processing technology - so you can add more machinery as you have enough supply to process it. This enables factories to be efficient with their capital and to set themselves up for sustainable growth.

Gain Insights From Robust Data Sources

In-house ground data

With proprietary tools like SALT and our network of field agents, we’re able to collect ground truth data on several locations.

NGOs & Research Institutes

We’ve partnered with NGOs & research institutions in the space to access crop data. Some of our partners include IITA, Solidaridad West Africa, Stanford X Lab, and so on.

GIS & Spatial data

We overlay GIS & spatial data from public databases & GIS companies who are partners with us.

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