Enabling Africa’s smallholder farmers to live their best lives

We imagine the future of  agriculture in Africa is one where farmers are able to work with the  most advanced tools, produce the highest quality crops and achieve profitability in great proportions.

More income than ever

Releaf’s technology lets farmers process good-quality palm nuts all-year round without worrying about seasonal changes. As a result, our farmers are empowered with a stable income year round.

Smarter technology for efficiency

Our desheller cracks palm nuts up to 250 times faster than deshelling by hand which saves time, increases output, ensures better quality products, and requires a lot less physical work.

Bridging the supply gap

Logistics and connection to a stable buyer pipeline are some of the biggest problems Africa’s smallholder farmers face. Working with Releaf’s technology removes the hassles associated with selling farm produce.

Our farmers’ lives are changing

Hear from some of our farmers

Benedict Grace

Benedict Grace has grown from earning ₦12k/month in income from palm kernel sales and cracking palm kernel nuts with her hands to earning ₦60k/month, getting banked and developing a credit history

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