Earn income. Empower farmers.

With Releaf, our farmers have the ability to improve their monthly income by 3X. Releaf does this by enabling them to spend their time on the most profitable aspects of palm production & financing increased local processing capacity. 


Eliminate the hours spent in manual de-shelling and separation.

Before Releaf, farmers spent more than 10 hours each week de-shelling and separating palm nuts. Working with Releaf allows them to get paid immediately, saving them both time they can direct at better economic returns.


Equipment financing for increased processing.

We provide zero-interest equipment financing that our farmers payback as they supply us. Driving increased access to mechanization improves productivity and working conditions.


Price transparency via digital inclusion.

Taking a note from our mentor Dr. Akinwumi Adesina’s World Food Prize-winning innovation, we share weekly pricing directly to farmers via SMS to ensure our team’s ethical collaboration and access to payment through a network of mobile bankers.

Our unbanked & underbanked farmers can now start building a digital transaction history allowing them to participate in the formal economy.



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