Bridging the gap between Africa’s big appetite and supply availability to manufacturers

In Nigeria alone, 60% of income is spent on food. At releaf, we realise that prices come down when factories have unrestricted access to supplies and that’s the problem we’re solving for food producers.

Drive Profitability For Your Next Factory

90% of factories run at less than half of their installed capacity due to scarcity of high-quality raw materials. With our wide network of farmers, we ensure a consistent supply of high quality input to help your factories run efficiently and profitably.

Cut Cost On Sourcing And Logistics

With our decentralised network of smart factories for primary processing, we source, pre-process and transport high quality raw materials to keep your operations going.

Get More Done With Tailored Software

We provide software solutions to optimise your factory operations, reduce wastage and supercharge growth for your business.

How we do it


We’re deeply involved in the crop production process, helping smallholder farmers with tools to ensure the highest quality output and in record time.


Affordable and timely delivery of raw crops in large quantities and great quality to manufacturers across different locations.


We provide swift working capital to farmers to enable them to operate at the highest level.

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