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We’ve started with the vegetable oil market

World-class technology where it is needed

At Releaf, we’re dedicated to researching the biggest problems plaguing the agricultural sector and building high-end technology to solve these issues. We’re able to licence our proprietary technology to help relevant stakeholders overcome these challenges as well.
See how we’re helping Africa’s food companies become profitable
See how we’re helping Africa’s food companies build smart factories.
See how we improve deshelling efficiency by almost 90%.
Sourcing and Logistics Tool
See how we’re digitizing the supply chain process and helping farmers sell more.

Partner with us to digitise agriculture in Africa

We are committed to working with equally ambitious organisations and stakeholders to bridge the sustainability gap in Africa, ensuring smallholder farmers have everything they need to succeed.
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Help The Value Chain Get Even More Valuable

Our work at Releaf impacts the lives of all kinds of people across Africa, especially the underserved farmers dedicating themselves to the sustenance of other people’s livelihoods. We want to make life more productive for them too, and we’re always looking to bring on people with the same vision.
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