Peter Onwucha

Manufacturing Operations & Logistics (VP)

Peter Onwucha leads Releaf as its VP manufacturing operations & Logistics. With over 12 years industrial FMCG experience, which span across: Technical Manager, ECCBC Gambia, Process Engineer, Unilever, ...etc. He has M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry, University of Port Harcourt. 2013 Unilever's MD technical award winner.

What my role looks like day to day

Focus on reliability of all fronts of manufacturing operations, to effectively service customers’ demands with brands at sustainable-profit-margins and of regulatory compliance. Also, to mentor leaders of the future (growth mindset)

Favorite book(s)

How Successful People Lead by J.C Maxwell

25 ways to Win with People by J.C Maxwell.

Bible (kjv)

Working style/MBTI

ENTJ - The commander

Favorite operating principle

Assertive Contrarian



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