From Ivy League dorm rooms to Silicon Valley boardrooms to the streets of Aba & jungles of the Nigerian Palm Belt.

Releaf’s trajectory represents the marriage of international experience with a decade of rugged experience in Nigerian agro-industrials & an ever-persistent North Star. With plenty of peaks & valleys, we’re excited to continue writing the African growth story towards one of shared prosperity in our lifetime.


Six young vibrant American-Nigerian cousins from Ivy- league schools came together and formed a non-profit organization called The Releaf Group with the intention of empowering the African continent with the best talent in the Diaspora.


The Releaf Group recruited 120+ Africans throughout the Diaspora to work on Agricultural projects.


Releaf became a ‘for-profit firm’ and moved to Nigeria, but almost died looking for the right business model. Pivoting from an investment-focused database to a B2B marketplace connecting agricultural demand to supply.

This led the founders to travel to 20+ states by crowded bus mapping 8 agricultural value chains from farm to factory.


Armed with on-ground experience - Releaf realized a copy & paste marketplace model was not going to be sufficient to solve the challenges we saw along the food value chain.

The firm transformed into a tech-enabled agricultural logistics company using both hardware & software to source from smallholders at scale, control quality and deliver crops to factories.


Releaf found product-market fit, raised a $1M angel round & began building a world-class team.


Into the Roaring 20s we go - industrializing food processing on the continent for shared prosperity.



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Releaf 2020.